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The Great Hildinski, the last survivor of a lost civilization

A new series of fantasy books for kids, Secrets of the Under-Under World explores the line between fantasy and reality and the special role kids can take in imagining better worlds. These children’s fantasy books tell the story of Sam’s adventures but they’re also about invention, perseverance, and hope.

Image of the book Water

First in the Under-Under World series, Water follows Sam as she falls into a subterranean world where all the rules are different. She meets The Great Hildiinski --the last survivor of a lost civilization -- who tells her she must learn three life-changing lessons before she can return home. Things get worse when Sam learns of a sinister plan to steal the world’s water. Now, it’s up to her and her friends to save two worlds: Under-Under and the world above.

“A winsome tween protagonist steers this fun, quiet fantasy.” —Kirkus Reviews


In this fast-paced tween adventure, Sam and her friends hurry around the world, collecting ingredients for a magic formula -- to stop an evil plot that could destroy everyone on earth. They make friends, outwit pirates, and interact with a wide variety of animals. They test their friendship, face their own self-doubt, and learn powerful lessons about kindness and love. 

“This delightful, compact tale mingles the natural world and a hint of magic” —Kirkus Reviews

Image of the book Creatures
Image of the children’s fantasy book,Water and Creatures
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A mysterious Ghost Moon. An antique clock that runs backwards.  Bright bubbles that blaze down from the sky -- each capturing a moment from long ago. What do these time-scraps mean?  And how are they connected to Sam’s parents’ disappearance?  Sam and her friends work hard to solve the mystery, but it’s a race against time.  As they get closer and closer to answers, a powerful enemy is executing a plan of her own -- to destroy the world.

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What readers are saying...

"Would highly recommend this book! It is an exciting suspenseful quest story with an unlikely heroine on a dangerous but critical mission."


"Not only is it entertaining, it shows the power of friendship and staying true to your beliefs as Sam and her friends pursue their quest." 


"Terrific read and fabulous illustrations. Just the right amount of scariness to make the reader want and need to turn the page."


"Beautifully illustrated, this tale is full of whimsy and wonder. But even more compelling ,in a time of uncertainty ,where rules and societal norms change constantly, young readers will relate to Sam , the heroine."


"What a joy to find a book with a strong environmental theme that’s also fun to read. Author, P. S. Whatever (love her name), has created a spellbinding world with Harry-Potter-like details and captivating characters – the illustrations are amazing!"


"Always looking for inspirational books for nieces and nephews, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this magical children's book, that is filled with adventure, suspense and surprises at every turn. I especially liked the female heroine Sam, who uses her wits, brains and brawn - without losing her sense of humour - to find her way back from a near-perilous situation for herself, family and community."


"A thoroughly engaging read. Fun, intricate and relevant for our times. Lots of positive, hidden messages for the young reader. Loved the author’s illustrations."

"I loved this book. Wonderfully original and the illustrations are magic. Ideal for a thoughtful early-mid teen."


"This is the best kids’ book we’ve found in a long time. Sam, the young heroine, falls into the magical Under-Under World, where she must recognize friend from foe, fight the bad guys, prevent a major environmental disaster, and find her way home. It’s a real page-turner — full of action and twists and turns."

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Book 4 is coming soon!

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