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Image of the children’s fantasy book,Water and Creatures
Image of the children’s fantasy book,Water and Creatures
Image of the children’s fantasy book,Water and Creatures
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Puffer fish that appears in children’s fantasy book called Water, an adventure book for kids



The first book in the children’s fantasy book series, Secrets of the Under-Under World

A children's fantasy book series
with a green twist

A new series of fantasy books for kids, Secrets of the Under-Under World explores the line between fantasy and reality and the special role kids can take in imagining better worlds. These children’s fantasy books tell the story of Sam’s adventures but they’re also about invention, perseverance, and hope.

Get the series Kirkus Reviews calls “delightful” and “fun”

Before Sam can fight the battle with the giants, she has to fight the battle within herself. “You can’t do it!” a little voice shrieks.

Image of Water, the first in the childrens fantasy book series
Sam, the fictional heroine of the Under-Under World book series
Lug, the giant who steals the world’s water

Turn back while there’s still time!

In the mysterious Under-Under World, Sam is a stranger. She doesn’t know the rules. She doesn’t know how to deal with wolves, giants or the ancient and fearsome Under-Under leader. But Sam does know one thing: she must protect the earth’s precious water supply at all costs, even if it means fighting everyone, both above and below ground. But can she — a scrawny orphan girl — really expect to fight and win?

Why read this book?

If you like Harry Potter, you’re ready to meet Sam and The Great Hildinski. In these fantasy books, there is magic – a special science-inspired kind of magic. The stories spring from scientific fact to “what could be.” They blend adventure, environmental fiction, and coming-of-age issues: self-respect, confidence, trust, and compassion.

The Great Hildinski, the last survivor of a lost civilization

Start the Adventure Now!

The Great Hildinski
Commands You!

“Creatures” title, second in the fantasy fiction series

Continue the journey with



Glowing red eyes. Sharp teeth that glint in the semi-light. A long, spiked tail that whips back and forth, slashing the air. Sam shivers. This must be the deadly Slashasaurus.

The Slashasaurus, the latest member of the dinosaur family

Can she prevent disaster?

Sam is on the run. How can she prove that she is not a thief? Just when she thinks that her luck is turning, she is tricked. Blindfolded. Trapped in a cave with slithery snakes. That’s when she learns about the Slashasaurus eggs, which if allowed to hatch, could destroy every person on Earth. It’s up to her to stop them from hatching, even if it means traveling to every continent in the world to fulfill her quest.

Image of “Creatures,” second in the childrens's fantasy fiction series

What readers are saying:

"Perfect for this young generation who have grown up with global climate crisis and want to DO something about it!"


"Beautifully written and illustrated"

“It’s a real page-turner from beginning to end, but also has a strong   environmental theme –without being heavy-handed."


Now Available: Book 3!

Introducing the third book in the series: Time. But don’t think regular-old time travel, because this is a different twist altogether.  A Ghost Moon. An antique clock that runs backwards. And mysterious bubbles that blaze down from the sky. Learn more about Time and Sam’s adventures! There is magic everywhere.

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And the story continues...

Monkey from these books for 9-12 year olds
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