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First in the Under-Under World series, Water follows Sam as she falls into a subterranean world where all the rules are different. She meets The Great Hildiinski --the last survivor of a lost civilization -- who tells her she must learn three life-changing lessons before she can return home. Things get worse when Sam learns of a sinister plan to steal the world’s water. Now, it’s up to her and her friends to save two worlds: Under-Under and the world above.

“A winsome tween protagonist steers this fun, quiet fantasy.” —Kirkus Reviews


In this fast-paced tween adventure, Sam and her friends hurry around the world, collecting ingredients for a magic formula -- to stop an evil plot that could destroy everyone on earth. They make friends, outwit pirates, and interact with a wide variety of animals. They test their friendship, face their own self-doubt, and learn powerful lessons about kindness and love. 

Image of the book Creatures
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“This delightful, compact tale mingles the natural world and a hint of magic” —Kirkus Reviews


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